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Top 3 sustainable fabrics that will revolutionize the fashion Industry

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are at the beginning of a sustainable revolution that will wipe off the polyester like a tornado. We will be witnessing sustainable fabrics completely replacing the "Plant killer" Polyester by 2030. Bamboo, Milk & Rose are the three superhero alternatives.


Bamboo has already proved its strong presence in the sustainable fashion industry. It was surprising to witness people who used a bamboo tshirt/towel/bedspread naturally opted for bamboo fabric for their subsequent use. The bamboo fabric is very soft and antibacterial, which sets a new comfort level for the user; talking more of it might sound "Selling."

Bamboo fabric is mainly used for Athleisure; when blended with organic cotton in a particular ratio, it gains the utmost strength of the cotton and softness of the Bamboo. Inner-wears made of Bamboo are the in-thing.


The fiber is extracted and spun into yarn by heating the casein protein extracted from milk to 80°C in a meat mincing machine and adding natural ingredients like zinc and beeswax.

Milk fiber can be combined with any type of Wool, Organic cotton, Bamboo, and other natural fibers. It can be used as an alternative to polyester. The blend becomes magical when blended with Bamboo; the hand feel and softness is a new trendsetter. Milk & bamboo fabric is perfect for underwear and lingerie because of the fibers' antibacterial and thermal-controlled qualities.


The biodegradable fabric is made using waste petals that are broken down and spun into fibers. Rose fabric is a replacement for silk. One of the top usages of rose fabric is for making an

"Eye pillow." Products like shirts and tops are the other two most used products.

It's not too long that these fabrics are going to be mainstream.

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