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Bamboo clothing features & how it actually benefits us.

Anti Bacterial:

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. So there is no contamination of germs on your t-shirt. A must-have item in your travel bag. You dont have to wash it every day. Best suited when on a backpacking trip.

Silky Soft:

Whether you are practicing your everyday yoga or coding for long hours for a hackathon, bamboo will provide a distraction-free clothing experience. Once we experience the softness of bamboo t-shirts or innerwear its becomes the most comfortable clothing experience for a lifetime.


Bamboo as a crop absorbs very little water from the ground when compared to cotton. Bamboo does not require any pesticides to grow and regrows naturally. You are contributing your part by protecting the planet for the future generation by using a bamboo t-shirt, You are a Superhero.


Bamboo fabric absorbs fluids like blotting paper, a problem fixer even if you sweat like a fountain during your workouts.

U.V Protected:

Bamboo fabric is naturally UV protected, it protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Exposure to U.V rays is one of the main reasons for skin cancer.

Thermal Controlled:

It's magic, bamboo fabric is naturally thermal controlled which means, wearing a bamboo t-shirt feels warm during cold days and cooler on hot days. Try it!


Since bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial there is no concept of germs that emits a bad odour. The relationship between bad odour and bamboo fabric is like a Mac book and malware & virus.

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