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6 Reasons why the Bamboo fabric is better than Cotton.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

  • Absolutely Soft

Bamboo fabric is absolutely soft that our hand automatically picks the bamboo T-shirt from our wardrobe. It's uber comfortable on your skin that it keeps your mood calm and uplifted whether you are practicing yoga or coding. Once you experience a bamboo t-shirt, your skin remembers the comfort feel forever, I know it sounds little “selling” but we dint know a better way to describe the softest fabric.

  • Super Sustainable

Bamboo as a crop absorbs less water from the soil compared to cotton. Bamboo doesn't require any pesticides to protect it from harmful insects and bacterias, Now you have the answer to the question, how the bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial? The water required to process the bamboo fabric is significantly lesser than processing cotton or polyester fabric.

  • Anti-Bacterial

It's natural that sometimes it takes a couple of hours to change that sweaty gym t-shirt after the juice shop visit and grocery shopping. It is naturally anti-bacterial that you can avoid any bacterial infection caused by a sweaty t-shirt or innerwear. By using a bamboo bedspread and pillow cover you can avoid the morning soar throat caused by the bacterias on the pillow cover and bedspread.

  • Anti-Odor

A bamboo T-shirt will be your favorite travel companion whom you can trust in any situation. It magically omits the bad smell even if you stuff your used t-shirt inside your travel bag. Thanks to the anti-bacterial quality, you can wear the same t-shirt on your travel not worrying about washing it, the bad odor and the bacteria issue are taken care of.

  • Naturally thermal controlled

You will be surprised to witness the fact that the fabric is 3 degrees warmer in a cold climate and 3 degrees colder on a hot day! Bamboo can be absolute thermal wear which can be used during skiing as well as trekking. Nature is Incredible!

  • Sweat Absorption

Bamboo fabric absorbs sweat like blotting paper. Imagine using a bamboo towel in the gym! Bamboo is a problem solver!

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