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6 Mantra's to keep in mind while starting your clothing brand.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Every entrepreneur will face profit, loss, and break-even in their business, however to experience these stages you will need your business live and running. There are factors while starting your clothing brand which consumes a massive amount of time and money and postponed you to understand the response to your product. Now with the help of the technology and the industry experienced mentors we can fast forward those boring stages and dive into the mainstream of the business.

Finding the Niche Tribe

The Niche tribe is your customers in other words, these are the targeted people for whom you have specifically designed your product. Now how do you identify the niche? its very simple, these are the bunch of people with whom you can connect easily in terms of ideas, interest, and lifestyle. Rather than focusing your product for everyone, you can start with designing for this particular crowd so that you save a lot of time in executing and get feedbacks soon.

Choosing the right Manufacturer

This is a very important and extensive part as there is a high chance you waste the valuable initial years of your business in exploring every manufacturer, literally tasting all the rotten mangoes until you find the good one. There is an easy technic to identify the right manufacturer whom you can trust is the person who has the in-depth industry knowledge and start-up friendly. He must understand your need, product, targeted audience, and most importantly, he must be ready to execute things with NO MOQ.

Website & Logo

Though it sounds exciting to design and finalize your logo and website, it can eat up the initial valuable months of your business. According to the industry experts, it's perfectly normal to start your brand with a simple logo and website which you can get it done in a few hours for free through so many online platforms. Online platforms like Wix has many ready to launch templates designed for a clothing brand that can go live in a few hours with just the drag and drop.

Getting your 1st catalog/collection live

If you are not from a fashion background and don't know what style to have your brands launch with, you can use a very simple trick just by choosing your favorite style from your favorite brand and take it as an inspiration/benchmark. You can hire freelance designers from Fiverr and get it executed for less than 200$ for a set (Top & Bottom).

Marketing strategy

There is no, cheat code for the marketing strategy, and if there is one then it's not sustainable. Marketing strategy changes from brand to brand, from time to time, audience to audience so better explore different strategies at a very low cost and continue the one which works for you. However, make sure you try out different strategies and fail soon to discover the right one.

Intuitive fashion sense

Last but not the least, you must always trust in your fashion sense and give life to your taste of fashion. Whether it is received well or not, it's very important to keep your taste & creativity for fashion alive.

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